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2020  Calendar of Events

May 11th rehearsal      - 7:00/9:00 PM        TBA
May 18th rehearsal     - 7:00/9:00 PM         TBA
May 28th off   (Memorial Day)
June 1th   rehearsal     - 7:00/9:00 PM         TBA
June 7th   Old Shawnee Days Concert       - 4:30/5:30 PM (new time)
June 8th rehearsal     - 7:00/9:00 PM           TBA
June 15th rehearsal    - 7:00/9:00 PM          TBA
June 20nd Morningside Place Concert      - 2:30/3:30 PM
June 22th rehearsal   - 7:00/9:00 PM           TBA
June 27th Silver Crest Concert                  - 2:30/3:30 PM
June 29th rehearsal   - 7:00/9:00 PM           TBA
                           (4th of July Week)
July Xth rehearsal        - 7:00/9:00 PM       TBA
July 11th Lakeview Village Concert         - 7:15/8:15 PM
July 13th rehearsal      - 7:00/9:00 PM       TBA
July 18th Cedar Lake Concert                    - 2:30/3:30 PM
July 20nd rehearsal     - 7:00/9:00 PM       TBA
July 25th Shawnee Hills Concert              -  2:30/3:30 PM

Dec 12th  Lakeview Village Christmas Concert   3:00-5:00 PM - 7:15/8:15 PM
This schedule is subject to change. Check your email for updates or come back to the web site calendar for the latest schedule.
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