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The Shawnee Concert Band
Bio page!
Official web site for band members.
This web site is for the exclusive use of The Shawnee Concert Band members  only.
The band is made up of interested musicians from all walks of life.  Everyone is welcome.  We have a current roster of around one hundred and twenty-five members.  The band plays 5 concerts a season with the kick off
“Old Shawnee Day’s Concert” at Old Shawnee Town in June.
We do require a satisfactory knowledge of music and usually limit the age to high school seniors up to whatever……………..
The Music Director is William Biggs.
Mr. Biggs has a Master’s Degree in Music Performance from Emporia State University and has a degree
from the University of Kansas in Music Education.
Our home base is Shawnee Parks and Recreation at The Shawnee Civic Center. 
Home base rehearsals are held at the GEHS High School Band Room in Gardner, Kansas.
They start at 7:00 PM and continue until 9:00 PM.  Please see a band member, or this web site, for the exact schedule and location. The music format is from almost every end of the musical scale and includes marches, concert band, classical, to big band and jazz.  And some Broadway and movie tunes, too.
There is no admission charge to our performances and there is no charge for a performance, however the band is a 501c3 tax-exempt group and donations are gladly appreciated.  We use the funds to acquire new music and equipment.  The musicians are all volunteers and devote much of their time to the Shawnee Concert Band and to the enjoyment of our audiences.
Ernie Biggs, President 2022